After 9 months without any post here, we'd like to apologize for the lack of news. As you may suppose, we had some problems with the development of our game. The project was quite complex, with tactical combats, characters' health management... We have to admit that it was an awesome challenge for a small team. Even if we were really motivated, we had not enough free-time to work on Ama's Lullaby.

More news to come in the future about the gameplay and the story, stay tunned!

During some months (the whole team was dissolved), I had to step back and think about the project. Then, one nostalgic day I played the point & click game Blade Runner, and it reminded me why making an indie game was important to me. I had to go back to the essential, to focus on three important things: characters, scenario, atmosphere. We had to forget complex stuff, because we are just not experimented enough for that (and there is a long list of reasons to leave these ideas). I had to have more control on the development, to be able to make "un jeu d'auteur" (a "game d'auteur ? ", you know, like a film d'auteur, in French), with a more personal vision. I'm a 3D generalist artist and musician, but I didnt' know anything about programming for games. So I spent all my free time to learn the basics of C#, and I'm sure that in the future it will help me to find the good balance between the needs of the gameplay & the programming abilities. This is the strengh of author/indie games, you know, when the time and money budgets are very limited.


So, is there no futur for Ama? No way! I wrote a prologue to the Ama's Lullaby story, and it is the opportunity to try an other approach. Maybe some of you will be disappointed, because the post-apocalyptic/survival side is absent in this prologue, you'll find "only" a 100% cyberpunk tone.


Today, the modeling process has already begun. Here is a spaceship that has an important place in the story :

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