The basics of our pathfinding system seems to work great: we've created an army of AMAs ;-)

We've already started to work on the demo level. We know you'd love to play in the cyberpunk city...but we can't create this huge level at the moment (too many characters and dialogues to handle). We don't have the budget for that yet, but we hope to get there after our crowdfunding campaign! Here are some in-game screenshots:

We are trying new 3D tools to improve quality, productivity, and to add some details to the props. Can't wait to use this gun with our combat system! Well, the latter will have to be developed first ;-)

At the same time, we are implementing a fog of war system (it hides from you what your character can't see, for example the dark area here behind the walls...):

The production of some sounds and music has also begun. As you can see, our sound engineers are working with Cubase.

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