As you can see on these pictures, we don't have a lot of screenshots from our game prototype to show you. In facts, it is progressing quite slowly. The main reason is that the project is really complex (because of the RPG and hardore-oriented features) for being developed without any funds. It takes a lot of time, and because in our lives we have full-time jobs, it runs slowly. It's complicated to stay focused and to keep the team motivated since the beginning of the project (it has started in the end of 2013...) without any guarantee of a succesful financing in the future. We'd love to give more for this project but we just can't.



    That's why we're thinking about trying to raise funds, in a few months. It could help us to focus on the game, to develop it in a quite faster way. More importantly, it would give us the opportunity to build a real small game development studio behind the project, to make it more official.



    So, what are we doing now in our free time? Well, we're working on a small 3D movie, showing the game's atmosphere and main lines story. Here are some test renders and screenshots (still work in progress).



We will be back very soon to announce our decision about the crowdfunding campaign, stay tuned! Feel free to tell us your point of view on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+!


Thanks for trusting us!




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