You are on the website of the survival RPG Ama's Lullaby, currently in development. We hope you'll like it!

We have added 2 new development logs, showing the first artworks as well as in-game screenshots and videos.

Dev log 1 & 2 added


Game description update


"The Game" section has been updated, you'll find there the basics about Ama's Lullaby. More to come soon...

Things are getting harder!

As you can see, these days we're not showing a lot of things. We are working hard on the dialog, inventory  and combat systems: both are really complicated and all the team is quite busy. These features are the core of the game, and just like you we have high expectations in terms of quality.

We also started to work on a precomputed 3D video, to prepare our crowdfunding campaign trailer, next year!



The 3rd dev update is now online!


It's been a long time, the 4th dev update is here!


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